"Let's Talk About Math" Highlights Guide

If you’ve ever passed out snacks to a group of children, you know that they are quick to notice if they didn’t each receive the same amount. The ideas of more and less—basic math concepts—are obvious, even to very young children.

Did you know that you can easily help your little one learn math skills? Yes, you can! Children are interested in math and love thinking about it.

In fact, scientists have found that children’s brains are ready to understand number concepts from a very early age. And a recent study found that if you use math words in everyday conversations with your toddlers and preschoolers, they’ll do better in math and reading when they reach elementary school.

You can help your child by simply talking about numbers, counting out loud, and using other math words as you go about your day—and this book is full of ideas to get you started! To make it easy to find math words and concepts to say out loud with your children, we’ve highlighted them throughout this guide. We hope you have fun talking math with your children.