Video: Everyday Fun with Patterns

A child's growing ability to notice, create, describe, and predict patterns in the world around them is one of the early math skills your baby begins developing starting at birth. Children develop an understanding of patterns as they:

  • Recognize daily patterns like a familiar bedtime routine or the predictable green, yellow, red of a traffic light
  • Match and sort objects by shape, size or color
  • Create patterns using toys or materials they find in the world in around them
  • Describe the patterns they see and create
  • Know what comes next in a pattern—placing a blue block on a red-blue-red-blue-red stack

Watch the video or download our handout with fun activities designed to support young children’s growing knowledge of patterns from birth to 5. This is a part of a series of videos Too Small to Fail developed with ZERO TO THREE highlighting the foundation of early math skills in the first five years of life, and fun, everyday activities parents and caregivers can use to support this learning.